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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We Can Help you With a Dual Diagnosis

While the battle may be a bigger one for you to fight if you have a dual diagnosis, it is not an excuse to not get help immediately. Mental illness paired with an alcohol and/or drug addiction, is a daunting scenario that, unfortunately, is shared by many people. You are not alone. We can make sure you have the help you need to give up substance abuse and manage your mental illness in a healthy way.

Dual diagnosis is the term used when someone is facing an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, as well as battling a mental illness. The mental illnesses that can commonly occur alongside a substance addiction are depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Alcohol and drugs can be used to self-medicate the symptoms of a mental health issue, such as depression, but can often end up making the symptoms of a mental health problem worse in the long run.

We can help you at Worcester, Massachusetts, rehab with a dual diagnosis treatment that treats both the mental illness as well as the addiction. We will make your mental illness manageable for you and help you beat your addictions, leading to an improved quality of life. Mental illness and substance abuse issues don’t have to ruin your life. You will follow a detoxification treatment with rehabilitation for the addiction problem, while receiving treatment for the mental illness, which may include medicines and support groups.

According to the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration, at least 50% of the two million Americans with severe mental illness abuse illicit drugs or alcohol. This means that you are not alone with your dual diagnosis and others are struggling to deal with their situations right now. Call us today and you can lean on us for support.

Let us help get you to a place where we can make your mental illness manageable for you. And let us help you end your drug and alcohol abuse, introducing you to the world of sobriety and clarity. Life doesn’t have to be as big of a struggle as it has been for you. If you have a dual diagnosis, we are waiting to help you today. Just give us a call and we’ll help change your life.

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