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Toronto mayor Rob Ford - is this a case of dual diagnosis - does the stress of being Mayor lead to drug use?

December 03 2013 - By:

dual diagnosis

Many of you have probably heard about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and we are wondering if dual diagnosis might be impacting the Mayor. Ford, who is the Mayor of a major Canadian city, has been accused of smoking crack cocaine and has admitted to drinking too much at official functions, among other accusations, which include cavorting with a prostitute. It appears evident that he has a problem with drugs and alcohol. But does he also have dual diagnosis?

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is the co-existence of symptoms of both mental health issues along with a substance abuse problem, whether it be an addiction to drugs or alcohol or anything else. For example, someone could be a high-functioning alcoholic, which quite possibly might describe the Mayor, who appears to have a problem with alcohol consumption, and also suffer from depression. Or someone who is addicted to drugs, such as smoking crack like the Mayor, may also be bipolar. When any of these types of combinations occur, dual diagnosis is the case.

What can be difficult in dual diagnosis, is understanding both the addiction and then understanding the underlying mental issues that may have driven the person to turn to the substance abuse. Then the substance abuse may exacerbate the mental health issue. It can create a snowball effect where those with dual diagnosis can go from bad to worse.

The key to helping a person with dual diagnosis is attending a rehab facility, like that of the Affordable Rehab of Worcester, where we can treat both the substance abuse problem at the same time as the mental health issue. Once the patient is clean and sober, it will easier to identify and properly treat the mental health issue, giving the person a chance to stay clean

Someone with dual diagnosis, which may be the case with the drinking and crack smoking Mayor, needs to have the mental health side of the addiction identified in order to become clean. This is because in the case of dual diagnosis, the addiction is directly related to the mental health issue. Once the patient has his own biochemical imbalances restored, or his other mental health issue corrected, he will have a better chance of staying clean, as he will no longer be abusing his choice of substance in an effort to regulate his own mental health issue.

While Mayor Rob Ford may or may not be suffering from dual diagnosis, he is a prime example that no one is exempt from dealing with addiction issues and, possibly, mental instability. If you fear you may be suffering from dual diagnosis, or that someone you love is suffering from dual diagnosis, get help at rehab today. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

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