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Why does dual diagnosis require special attention?

March 14 2014 - By:

dual diagnosis

When suffering from dual diagnosis, it is especially hard to put yourself in a position to receive the required help. Those suffering from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol know how hard it is to seek help for an addiction and stay clean. Those suffering from a mental illness also can attest to how difficult it is to recognize the need for help. But when you suffer from both an addiction and a mental illness at the same time, life can be extremely tough.

An addiction to drugs and/or alcohol do not cause a mental illness, and a mental illness does not cause a substance abuse problem. However, the two can exacerbate each other. With dual diagnosis, often when a mental illness goes untreated, a substance abuse problem can get worse. And when more drugs and/or alcohol are consumed, the mental health issues can worsen.

Dual diagnosis requires special attention at a rehab treatment center because it is imperative to treat both conditions at the same time. While going through the necessary withdrawal and counselling associated with addiction treatment, dual diagnosis treatment also includes diagnosing, learning about and treating the mental illness.

In addition, there needs to be special attention to those in recovery from dual diagnosis, because it is especially difficult to maintain a sober path and continue on the road to good mental health. A good aftercare program should provide ongoing support, including learning about ways to avoid triggers and continued growth and understanding about the mental illness.

At the Affordable Rehab of Worcester, we will evaluate every dual diagnosis case and put each person on the right individual path to recovery. It will take time to evaluate each situation and figure out what symptoms are from the substance abuse problem and what symptoms are from the mental illness. Our combined treatment will offer hope to those suffering from dual diagnosis, as well as peer support from others go through similar situations. Give us a call today. We can help. 508-209-5480

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