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Staying Sober over the holidays

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The upcoming holiday season can be a tough time for recovering alcoholics and those who have attended drug rehab, but it is also a time to test what you are made of and resist temptation. If you want to stay clean during the holidays, we can guide you through staying sober.

The Affordable Rehab of Worcester wants you to be able to stay out of our drug rehab during the holidays. We know how tempting the holidays can be to have that sip of alcohol or to take some drugs. It can be a sad time of year for some, with the depression leading you back to drug use or alcohol abuse. Or it can be a time for celebration and parties, that come hand-in-hand with temptations.

In order to not succumb to temptation and make decisions that will lead you back to alcohol or drug rehab, it is important to always have a sober place to go during the holidays. If you are feeling depressed, or facing temptations, you need to have a specific place to go where you know alcohol and drugs won’t be there. Whether this place is a rehab facility with an aftercare program, a meeting, or your Mom’s house. Wherever your sober place is, go there immediately when you feel the pull back to drugs and alcohol.

Another tip for staying out of alcohol and drug rehab is to stay connected with your sponsor. Your sponsor is there for you to lean on in your moments of weakness. If the holidays are threatening your sobriety, don’t hesitate to call your sponsor and ask them for help and guidance.

If you want to attend a holiday party and are worried about admitting your addiction to drugs or alcohol, offer to be the designated driver. You don’t have to tell everyone that you are an alcoholic or have gone to drug rehab, you can simply say that you are not drinking or using tonight, and you have chosen to be the designated driver.

We want you to find the necessary strength to make it through the holidays without making another trip to alcohol or drug rehab. Always put your sobriety first and remember what made you decide to get help and stop taking drugs and drinking in the first place. You can make through the holidays sober.

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