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Why do so many stars end up in drug rehab?

December 03 2013 - By:

drug rehab

It seems like a foregone conclusion these days that when you combine an actor or singer who has the weight of the entertainment world sitting on his or her shoulders at a young age, with more money than he or she knows what to do with, that eventually a visit to drug rehab will be in the cards. It seems to be the route for many entertainers in this day and age.

Another commonality to these entertainers, such as Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan, in addition to needing drug rehab, is that very often they relapse and find themselves surrendering once again to their drug or alcohol addiction, ending up back in rehab. What is the difference between your neighbor who successfully went through drug rehab and lives a sober life and Lindsay Lohan, who has attended many different stints at expensive rehabs and who never quite seems to make it to the end goal?

One difference might be motivation. Your neighbor who went to drug rehab to get clean may have lost his kids or his wife, his job, or his friends, before choosing to get clean. He may have reached rock bottom and discovered that he needed to live a clean, sober life in order to make things better for himself...and those who love him. While Lindsay Lohan’s motivation may be because a court ordered her attendance at a drug rehab facility, or in some celebrity’s cases, perhaps a visit to drug rehab is related to publicity. It may be considered good PR in this day and age to take a trip to drug rehab.

However, if your motivation is anything short of living a clean, sober life because you know you have an addiction problem, then you will likely fail. You have to face the issues that are causing you to turn to drugs and alcohol in the first place. If you are not ready to face these issues head on, then drug rehab will not be successful for you.

Another difference between your neighbor who has been sober for years, and someone like Charlie Sheen, is that there are different types of people in your neighbor’s life than there are in a celebrity’s life. Your neighbor may have faced truths from his family, his friends and his coworkers, when battling his addiction. Oftentimes loved ones of addicts even try to hold an intervention for the person, making sure to tell them about the damage they are doing to themselves and to others. However, often celebrities surround themselves with people who will not tell them the truth about their actions, even possibly shielding them from the consequences of their addictions.

If you, like your sober neighbor, are ready to take responsibility for your actions, and face the truth about your addiction, then you are ready for drug rehab. If you are not ready to admit you have a problem, or think it might be “cool” to go for stint at drug rehab, you are likely to be as successful at it as all of the celebrities who have gone to drug rehab...and gone back again....and again.

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