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Obama Care means accesability to drug rehab

drug rehab

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama in March 2010, and as it is about to take effect, it means that drug rehab will be much more accessible for people who need it. While the ACA starts to take effect in January 2014, people have begun signing up for insurance this October, with hopes that the access to healthcare will change lives.

Many people need access to alcohol and drug rehab, such as the Affordable Rehab of Worcester, with only a small portion of those currently suffering with addictions able to afford rehab. The ACA means that people will have access to healthcare and will be able to afford necessary medical services, this includes alcohol and drug rehab. It does not matter if you have pre-existing health conditions and previously could not qualify for health insurance.

Getting the right addiction treatment at alcohol and drug rehab will change peoples’ lives. Millions of people need addiction help and are not getting it. With the ACA, more people will have health insurance that will pay for treatment and more people will be eligible for Medicaid in some states, which will pay for treatment.

Addiction treatment for alcohol and drug rehab is categorized as exactly what it is...an essential health service, so more health insurance plans must cover the care. Another change to the ACA is that children can stay covered through their parents’ health insurance coverage up until the age of 26, allowing more people in this age bracket access to alcohol and drug rehab.

Now that health insurance is becoming more affordable and covering more expenses, including alcohol and drug rehab, addicts no longer have the excuse that addiction treatment is too expensive. Health care reform is here. With it, comes your opportunity to get the help you need to reform your own life. The time is now to go to alcohol and drug rehab.

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