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What to look for in a drug rehab facility

July 24 2014 - By:

drug rehabWe at Affordable Rehab of Worcester often hear people asking for advice on what to look for in a drug rehab facility. Once you have taken that first step toward rehabilitation the next important thing for you to do is identify the drug rehab facility that will help you in your rehabilitation process. When choosing a drug rehab facility there are certain things that you need to know before settling on which one will suit your needs. Below are 7 questions you will need to ask when searching for a drug rehab facility:

1. What results do you expect?
Ask the facility how they measure their success and what that success rate is. Different programs anticipate different results. You will need to decide which result you are looking to achieve. This decision will be the starting point guiding you through the process of selecting a facility.

2. Does the facility offer a short-term or long-term program?
The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends a program of 90 days or longer for the most effective rehabilitation success rate, however the 28-day program is the most widespread type of drug rehab program. A 28-day program may not give you the time you need to achieve stable sobriety.

3. Does treatment involve drug substitution?
Many drug treatment programs aim to reduce the harm of illicit drug abuse by providing a prescription substitute. If your goal is sobriety, then a program that uses substitute drugs as treatment will not work for you. It is also important to ask a potential drug rehab facility what medications they prescribe and why as a reliance on medications as part of treatment can also result in an addiction to these medications.

4. What method of alleviating physical cravings for drugs or alcohol is used?
When you are in addiction recovery, you may struggle with severe cravings. If there is no method of directly addressing and reducing cravings, the urge to abuse drugs may overshadow your support and drive you back into drug abuse.

5. Does the program teach life skills to support a sober life?
A thorough drug rehab program will provide life skills training to ensure you are capable of dealing with future life stresses such as a setback, a job loss or a divorce. Without this training progress made during the rehab period may be lost.

6. Does the rehab promise results too good to be true?
Be weary of treatment programs that promise results that seem too good to be true. The reality is that most people only recover from addiction after the years of mental, physical and emotional damage have been repaired. Generally a full recovery will take three to four months (or longer) of constant diligence.

7. Are the steps of the program ones that you feel good about experiencing?
You do not want to have to go through unexpectedly severe experiences that are not necessary such as confrontational counselling, forced labor, or electric shocks. Make sure you understand and agree to every phase of treatment.

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