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Partying with alcohol in Worcester

December 12 2013 - By:

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If you are a recovering alcoholic who has gone through successful alcohol rehab, you will need to be prepared for the upcoming holiday season. Many people use this time of year, full of parties with people overindulging in food and drink, as a time to abuse alcohol. They often drink more than usual and justify their behavior on the holidays.

If you are not a recovering alcoholic, but this description of drinking too much consistently over the holidays sounds like you, maybe it is time to think about alcohol rehab.

If you are in recovery following alcohol rehab, then you should be prepared with an answer for when you inevitably get invited to a holiday party where alcohol will be served. If you are comfortable telling people you are sober and are confident in your ability to resist temptation at the party, then you don’t have to worry about your attendance.

If you are not comfortable telling people you are a recovering alcoholic who has gone to alcohol rehab, but you feel you have to attend the party for professional reasons, you can try saying that you are the designated driver, or just saying you don’t drink alcohol, when you are asked if you want a drink.

However, if you are not comfortable in your ability to resist the temptation of drinking at a holiday party, then DO NOT go. Go home, go your family’s house, go to a meeting, phone your sponsor...go anywhere but to that party. Don’t let the temptation of drinking over the holidays drive you back into alcohol rehab.

If you are currently an alcoholic who loves this time of year because it easily masks your addiction and allows you to publicly drink a little too much, then it is time you recognized your addiction and visited us at alcohol rehab. At the Affordable Rehab of Worcester, we will help you get sober and also help you understand the reasons why you turned to alcohol in the first place.

You are not alone. A lot of practicing alcoholics are actively drinking too much at holiday parties right now. Don’t be one of them. Recognize your problem. Recognize your need for alcohol rehab. We are here to help you.

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