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How to stop drinking

July 16 2014 - By:

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One of the most difficult things people encounter before they come to alcohol rehab here at Affordable rehab of Worcester is how to stop drinking. Deciding on attending an alcohol rehab is an incredible step to take, but it is often not as easy as simply Googling your nearest alcohol rehab facility and signing up. There are a number of things you can do to help yourself before you book into alcohol rehab.

Decide to Quit and reach out for support:
Making the decision to stop drinking is as important as stopping to drink. It is a heavy burden to bear alone, which is why there are plenty of people at an alcohol rehab who WANT to help you. Most often it is easier to quit when aided by the help of medical experts than it is to go cold turkey. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Telling your loved ones about your issues is a major step toward true recovery. Explain to them what you need so that they can aid you on your path. Consider joining a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous or SMART Recovery. Do not be afraid to speak about your experiences and when temptation strikes make sure you have someone you can trust to lean on for support. Changing the way you think about quitting is a big help. When you have decided to quit, pick a particular date and get rid of all temptations around you. Embrace your feelings as you go through the early days of having given up alcohol – laugh and cry as your emotions call for it. Most importantly do not put yourself in situations where you will be likely to drink.

Once you have decided to quit drinking put a few plans in place to ensure that your path toward sobriety is made easier:

Staying sober:
Maintenance is key. Here are a few ideas to help you stay on your path toward sobriety:

Meditate. Yoga is a great a way to deal with stress and calm your mind.

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