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Alcohol addiction can happen to anyone

May 30 2014 - By:

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There is a certain stigma attached to alcohol addiction and alcohol rehab. Some people believe that alcohol addiction can only happen to certain kinds of people. Or that only certain kinds of people will need alcohol rehab. This is just not true.

Addiction is not attracted to one color of skin more than another. It does not show up in one neighborhood and not a different one. It does not settle into one tax bracket, totally skipping another one. The truth is, alcohol addiction can happen to anyone and alcohol rehab is full of people who look just like you.

There are teachers in alcohol rehab. There are police officers in alcohol rehab. There are teenagers and grandparents in alcohol rehab. If you have some concerns about your alcohol consumption, but believe that addiction could never happen to you…you are wrong. It can. And if it is happening right now, you need to get yourself to alcohol rehab.

There are many reasons why people become addicted to alcohol and have to go to alcohol rehab. One reason could be trying to self-medicate due to a trauma that has happened in one’s life, such as abuse or conflict. Another reason could be genetics. If there is a history of alcohol abuse in your family, it makes you more likely to become addicted to alcohol and require a trip to alcohol rehab.

Another thing about addiction to consider is that you are more likely to become an alcoholic if you also suffer from a mental health issue. Many people with mental health issues will try to self-medicate their symptoms with alcohol. This is a slippery slope because the alcohol can actually worsen the symptoms of the mental illness, thus causing the person to drink even more to try to self-medicate. It becomes a vicious circle.

Research has also indicated that the earlier the person is exposed to alcohol that the higher the chance of alcohol abuse, potentially leading to addiction and requiring a stay at alcohol rehab. Another factor that could impact addiction to alcohol is if someone works or lives in an environment where alcohol consumption is prevalent. For example, if someone works in an office where alcohol consumption is commonly used as a way of celebrating, entertaining clients or bonding with coworkers, it could lead to an addiction down the road.

All of these factors could ultimately lead to an addiction. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, are male or female or are young or old. If you are currently worried about your alcohol consumption and feel like you have developed an addiction, please contact the Affordable Rehab of Worcester. We can help you.

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