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When is the right time to check in?

April 25 2014 - By:

alcohol rehab

If you are wondering if you have a problem with alcohol, and are in need of alcohol rehab, there are a few things to consider about your life. When you are done reading this article and you recognize that many of the warning signs currently fit your situation and life, then it is time for you to make a phone call. Alcohol rehab can help.

Do you routinely end up drinking more than you originally intended to? Maybe you went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday and thought you would have one glass of champagne. Next thing you know, you are several drinks past your limit, have stayed out excessively late and are staggering home. If this happens on a regular basis, you need to consider going to alcohol rehab.

Do you lie to your friends, family, or even just acquaintances, about your drinking? If you constantly feel the need to cover up your drinking, such as hiding a bottle before opening the door to your landlord, brushing your teeth incessantly before seeing your family or going to work, or pretending that it is your first drink when you meet up with friends when you’ve already consumed several, you need help. If this happens on a regular basis, you need to consider going to alcohol rehab.

This next question goes hand-in-hand with the previous question: do you feel ashamed about your drinking habits? When you are constantly trying to hide the evidence that you are drinking, perhaps this behavior is telling you that you are feeling guilty about the amount you are drinking and ashamed that you are addicted to alcohol. Instead of feeling this way, make the decision to get help and go to alcohol rehab.

Have your friends or family talked to you about your drinking? If the people who care about you have tried to have an intervention for you, or have privately expressed their worries over your drinking habits, perhaps it is time to examine your life. When alcohol consumption starts to affect your relationships, there is a problem. Before you do any permanent damage to the relationships in your life, you need to consider going to alcohol rehab.

Do you feel like the only way to relax after a tough day is to have a drink? When alcohol is the only way for you to feel a release from the stressors in your life, this is a problem. Because although drinking may feel like it is helping, it is not helping. It is straining your relationships and it is affecting your ability to do your job well and/or to be a good parent. You should not always need alcohol to relax. Sometimes getting a massage, talking to a friend or having some quiet time should be enough on its own. If those things are no longer enough, you should consider going to alcohol rehab.

There are plenty of warning signs that your drinking is getting out of hand. The trick is for you to recognize these signs and do something about them before your life spirals out of control. Alcohol rehab can help you get sober and get your life back on track. Don’t wait any longer.

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