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February 11 2014 - By:

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While binge drinking may seem like harmless weekend fun with friends and not something you associate with the need for alcohol rehab, you may have no idea the effects it is having on your health. If you are a man who is routinely drinking 5 or more drinks over only a couple of hours, or a woman who is drinking 4 or more, you are a binge drinker. You need help. At alcohol rehab, you will learn that binge drinking can cause short term consequences such as nausea, headaches, vomiting, memory loss, alcohol poisoning, increased chance at injury and hangovers. Some long term effects of being a binge drinker include becoming overweight and high blood pressure.

Binge drinking leads to quick intoxication, which can also lead to the inability to make good judgments or sound decisions. Often those who binge drink find themselves making bad judgment calls, whether that means driving while intoxicated or having unprotected sex with a stranger. If you are a binge drinker, you need to go to alcohol rehab to understand the effects that this destructive behavior is having on your body.

Binge drinking is often a problem with the teenage demographic. Binge drinking can be extremely harmful to teenagers because their organs are still developing and the alcohol consumption associated with binge drinking can have detrimental effects. If you are a parent who is considering checking your teenager into alcohol rehab for binge drinking, you may want to look for some warning signs.

Some signs for teenage binge drinking include clothing that smells of alcohol and/or vomit, a teen who is engaging in reckless behavior, hanging out with older individuals, and being more disobedient/disrespectful than normal. If you are concerned your child is binge drinking, call our alcohol rehab today and we can offer you some support and guidance.

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Binge drinking is a form of alcohol abuse and if you are a binge drinker, or your teenager is a binge drinker. Make the call today 508-209-5480 and get the help you need.

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