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Nobody is immune

January 21 2013 - By:

alcohol rehabYou know your neighbor down the street? She may have gone to alcohol rehab. You know your favorite teacher? He may have gone to alcohol rehab. At the Affordable Rehab of Worcester, we want you to know that no one is immune to alcohol addiction. If you feel you are currently addicted to alcohol, it is time to face reality and accept that you need help.

Alcohol addiction doesn’t care who you are. It can affect the loving mother, or the lonely bachelor. It can affect the teenaged daughter or the elderly grandfather. Everyone can suffer from an addiction to alcohol and many of those people will need alcohol rehab to get the help they need.

If you are using alcohol as a way to relax, this may be an indication of an addiction. Using alcohol to self-soothe and to cope from a hard day or a difficult situation is often how addictions begin. If you are finding that you are neglecting responsibilities in order to drink alcohol, this could be a sign of a drinking problem. If you are throwing caution to the wind and drinking alcohol when it is dangerous to do so, such as when operating machinery or driving a vehicle, then this could be a sign that you need alcohol rehab.

At the Affordable Rehab of Worcester, our alcohol rehab will help you identify why you are turning to alcohol in the first place. Through counselling, both individual and group sessions, we will also help you identify strategies to build your life up to a point where you no longer need alcohol to make you feel good or to numb the pain, or whatever else alcohol was used for in your specific situation.

Alcohol rehab will also give you the strength and give you tips on how to avoid situations that might make you tempted to relapse. If you know you want to drink at that sporting event, don’t go. If you know that being at that office holiday party will make it hard for you to resist, don’t go. We will also show you the benefit of having a sponsor to turn to, as well as attending meetings with your peers.

Remember that no one is immune to alcohol addiction or to having to go to alcohol rehab. Not him. Not her. Not you. If you need help, the Affordable Rehab of Worcester is waiting for your call.

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