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Dangers of Relapse

alcohol addiction and the dangers of relapse

Once you have completed rehab for alcohol addiction, such as the program at the Affordable Rehab of Worcester, you’ll want to learn to afford the triggers and situations that could lead you to relapse.

Especially with the holiday season coming up, you need to recognize your own limitations and find a way to remain sober through the holidays. Alcohol addiction doesn’t go away once you finish rehab. One sip of alcohol can lead you right back to where you started from and our goal at the Affordable Rehab of Worcester is to help you retain your sobriety after you have completed rehab.

We understand that rehab for alcohol addiction does not end when you leave our facility after completing a program. Once you have successfully completed alcohol addiction rehab, you still need support, guidance and care to not relapse and return to drinking.

It is important to identify the triggers that may cause you to relapse back to your alcohol addiction. For example, some people find it difficult to see commercials for beer or wine, so if you are feeling particularly vulnerable, don’t turn on your television. Some people cannot be around others who are drinking, especially during the upcoming holiday party season. Find a way to politely decline party invitations so you don’t put yourself in a situation where you will be tempted to drink. If there is a particular glass at home that you used to drink from, that reminds you of your drinking days, throw it out. Don’t tempt yourself with triggers.

The Affordable Rehab of Worcester encourages all recovering alcohols to attend meetings. It is a great way to find support and to gain strength from others who are going through similar experiences as you. You are more likely to stay sober if you continue an aftercare program of some sort, whether it be attending meetings, therapy or seeking support from your sponsor.

You don’t have to fight your alcohol addiction alone. Surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through and will help you keep your sobriety rather than tempt you to drink.

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