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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Putting Down the Bottle in Worcester

If you are having a tough time quitting drinking there is now an alcohol rehab in Worcester, Massachusetts, that will help you put down the bottle once and for all. You don’t have to do it alone. We are skilled professionals who know how to help you detox and learn the skills it takes to stay sober.

We will help you find your way to sobriety and stay on that path, learning new coping strategies for stressful situations, setting new life goals, and repairing damaged relationships.

We will help you get your life back together with an alcohol addiction treatment  that will work for you. Contact us today.


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Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment

Giving Up Drugs in Worcester

Drug use is hard to hide. It is hard to hide the bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils. It is hard to hide major changes in appetite and sudden weight gain or loss. It is hard to hide slurred speech and a deterioration of physical appearance. You are not fooling anybody. It is time for you to get help and kick your drug habit once and for all at Worcester, Massachusetts drug rehab.

We will help put you on the right treatment program for you and will make sure that you not only get clean, but that you learn the right skills and coping strategies to stay clean. There are major consequences to drug use: financial, physical, social and legal consequences, just to name a few, and you need to quit now...while you still can.

Call us today and let us help you.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental Illness and Addiction in Worcester

While battling a mental health illness and a drug and/or alcohol addiction at the same time can be extremely challenging, we want you to understand that it is not impossible to get your life on a better path today. If you have a dual diagnosis, the first thing you have to do is contact the Worcester, Massachusetts, rehab today and will will help you deal with your addiction and manage your illness.

We are not saying it will be easy. It won’t be. But there is no reason to feel alone or helpless. We can help you right now by putting you on a dual diagnosis treatment plan that is right for you and will get you started on changing your life in a positive way.

Contact us right now.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help

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